Monday, January 15, 2007

My name is Ari Bluestein and I am a graduate and MBA student of Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. As an undergrad, one of my two majors was Entrepreneurial Studies where I not only learned about starting your own business, but I was inspired to start my own business. So on November 14, 2005, I launched, an interactive sports website that acts as an online community for sports fans across the country and around the world.

Now, as an MBA student, I am participating in the Student Venture Experience where I am receiving mentoring from the professors in the Entrepreneurial Studies along with a small business loan from Rider University.

With my website a little over a year old, I am now ready to take the next step and really make a push towards promoting the website. Currently, receives about 20,000-25,000 hits per week and I want to increase that and become a highly trafficked sports website.

The SVE program is definitely going to help out my business and I look forward to participating in the program this Spring semester!