Thursday, May 3, 2012

RP venture blog post 3

Relevante Productions – blog 3
Risks associated with Relevante Productions include creative differences with artists and faulty equipment. In case of disagreement the project will be discontinued. Another risk is failure of equipment. If any or all of the equipment fails due to electrical outages, then the process will be placed on hold. Lack of interest from artists poses a high risk because the greatness of service will be in vain if there are no artists to visit RP and record.
Along with risks, there are many opportunities. Positive reviews will help to increase business popularity. Customers pleased with service may be willing to pay more than what I ask.
 I have learned a lot through this project and took the opportunity to interview some great people in the music industry. However, I am primarily an artist. Being a producer is secondary. I took up the role of audio production to become more familiar with what professionals must do. The same concept goes with the business side of the music industry. I am glad to have researched  the music industry so that I have a better idea on what it means to be successful in this field of interest. Overall, this business is one that I am definitely interested in earning money from because music is what I love to do. If audio production doesn’t work out, then I have other creative outlets to refer to that will help to keep my grounded.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

More about RP

To continue about Relevante Productions, my venture can outperform competitors through price and service. RP charges for prices that are half of what traditional studios charge.  Ultimately, any firm’s success, whether it’s a band or recording studio, depends on marketing. Specifically, it is the use of social networks, e-mail, and phone calls that will determine how well this business will do. Also, my interest in diverse genres will attract a large number of artists. This presents the idea of collaborations amongst one another. RP has the potential for becoming a networking center for diverse musicians. I fully embrace musical creativity and innovation, so if new genres can be created, then it would be great if it started here at Relevante Productions. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Relevante Productions

Relevante Productions: Blogspot 1

Relevante Productions is a home recording studio service. It specializes in the following genres: Rock/Metal, Orchestral, New Age, Hip-Hop, and Pop. I’ve been a musician for 10 years (Guitar: 10, Piano: 5). I’ve been in a handful of bands and collaborations where I take on the dual role of guitarist and the one who records all the band members. I’ve used an 8 track recorder for four years and recently upgraded to an audio interface and recording software within the past year. Recording and producing songs requires a great amount of time management and data organization. I’m able to make time for both of these tasks. Also, I have friends who share the same dreams of showcasing original music to the public, so providing a service is the least I can do to help them towards their own goals. The biggest challenge in this project is making contacts. Not only did I learn this from personal experience, but I also interviewed those with solid positions in the music industry (touring musician and engineer/producer). A great deal of scheduling needs to be made. In the past year, I have been working with an r&b singer/rap artist who visits my home studio on a week to monthly-basis to record and co-monitor the mixing/mastering process. In the summer, I plan to audition for a band as their lead guitarist. If I obtain the position, I will serve as both a musician and producer. In terms of mixing and mastering, I will have the majority of creative control. However, I am open to constructive criticism from the band members and solo artists. All of the produced songs will be under the signature of “Relevante Productions.” People may hear these songs on the following links: Youtube, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter. Overall, this project not only serves as business challenge, but also in an artistic perspective. Given the various genres that I’m willing to specialize in, I must be able to evenly distribute my time and energy for each individual project.

Thursday, April 12, 2012