Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Conclusion of MCC

MCC over the past semester has seen many changes and new ideas from the original business plan. While the venture wasn't able to be officially launched due to timing of all components coming together at the end of the semester. The future of My College Cabana is a bright one, this venture will be something I will be manipulating in the summer to perfect for the fall of 2010. We will still be in the Mercer County area and the colleges/universities its home too.

"The story of the entrepreneur… is the story of forward progress, of pursuing one's dreams and goals no matter how outlandish they seem to others. The entrepreneur, like the pioneer, pushes boundaries in search of what's new, what's next. Sometimes, he brings the whole society with him, rushing forward together into a next phase of our communal human life."- Sam Wyly

Through my experience in SVE at Rider I was able to experience life as an entrepreneur dealing with barriers and breaks for growth. While in the beginning dealing with vendors was challenging before the end of semester we were able to sign 5 and create alot of interest. The timing of the end of the semester made our time line cut short.

In the future we will be looking to not only offer members discounts but also provide low cost quality college dorm furnishings and merchandise. Over the summer we will be actively looking for expanding our profile diversification. We hope to offer our customers a one-stop-shop for our customers in the future for all there dorm and college needs.

The business is growing and for updated news please visit our website at, and we invite you to join our facebook, twitter, and blog pages. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.
-Jack King

MCC SVE Video Project

A senior at Monclair State University produced a video regarding the venture of My College Cabana. The video highlights the features and benefits in becoming a member.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New look

With the end of the semester coming to a close My College Cabana is in the planning stage for the summer and next fall. For the fall 2010 we are looking into electronic loyalty cards that can track your purchases so you can receive coupons from the places you visit. Also you will receive gear and gift certificates from our vendors. A new feature when we launch will be an online store that will be the one stop shop for college gear. No longer do you have to shop all over at 15 different stores to get all your college gear at a reasonable price. College students will be able to go online and also develop a wish list that they can email to someone if there low on funds(we know how that is). Our video for Montclair State is in the works and is looking very good. This will serve as our first ad for the website. Make sure to visit us online at to find out was currently going on.


Monday, March 29, 2010

My College Cabana Update

We decided to expand our business to online businesses in an effort to give a variety of discounts to our customers. In the last week of contacting businesses we were able to obtain partnerships with 5 businesses. These companies include: a college t shirt companie which is a college bedding website which offers a variety of hookah products has a variety of items for "dressing up your dorm" selling picnic & tailgate supplies

Our online business partnerships will be the start and we will now be focusing on our local restaurants and bars in Mercer County.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My College Cabana Update

My College Cabana is a discount card membership program exclusively for college students. Currently we are starting our venture out in Mercer County, New Jersey with four colleges its a great network of schools. Our program currently works were local bars and restaurants partner with us and offer a preset discount for a certain day. We than sell the cards to local college students who are looking to save some money when going out to eat or drink. The student than visits our website were they can see what discounts are available that day to optimize the use of there card. When they visit the venue all they have to do is flash the card with there school id and they recieve an instant discount. The card pass for itself with only two visits to venues.
We currently are in the stage of creating an extensive venue list and hope to achieve this soon so we get a test up by the end of the semester. The website is fully functional and really is a great "home base" for the business.