Thursday, March 25, 2010

My College Cabana Update

My College Cabana is a discount card membership program exclusively for college students. Currently we are starting our venture out in Mercer County, New Jersey with four colleges its a great network of schools. Our program currently works were local bars and restaurants partner with us and offer a preset discount for a certain day. We than sell the cards to local college students who are looking to save some money when going out to eat or drink. The student than visits our website were they can see what discounts are available that day to optimize the use of there card. When they visit the venue all they have to do is flash the card with there school id and they recieve an instant discount. The card pass for itself with only two visits to venues.
We currently are in the stage of creating an extensive venue list and hope to achieve this soon so we get a test up by the end of the semester. The website is fully functional and really is a great "home base" for the business.

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