Thursday, May 3, 2012

RP venture blog post 3

Relevante Productions – blog 3
Risks associated with Relevante Productions include creative differences with artists and faulty equipment. In case of disagreement the project will be discontinued. Another risk is failure of equipment. If any or all of the equipment fails due to electrical outages, then the process will be placed on hold. Lack of interest from artists poses a high risk because the greatness of service will be in vain if there are no artists to visit RP and record.
Along with risks, there are many opportunities. Positive reviews will help to increase business popularity. Customers pleased with service may be willing to pay more than what I ask.
 I have learned a lot through this project and took the opportunity to interview some great people in the music industry. However, I am primarily an artist. Being a producer is secondary. I took up the role of audio production to become more familiar with what professionals must do. The same concept goes with the business side of the music industry. I am glad to have researched  the music industry so that I have a better idea on what it means to be successful in this field of interest. Overall, this business is one that I am definitely interested in earning money from because music is what I love to do. If audio production doesn’t work out, then I have other creative outlets to refer to that will help to keep my grounded.

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