Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter 2007 Update for

Hello everyone - It is Ari Bluestein again here to give you another update on!

Traffic continues to be steady as I receive between 4,000-8,000 hits per day. We have some plans in 2008 to increase the traffic. One of which is to create a Member Rewards program. This would act similar to a Credit Card Rewards Program where the more activity members have, the more points they earn. And the more points a member earns, the more prizes a member can redeem. I will have Official Sponsors that will contribute prizes for this program and I already have about 2-3 companies on board. In addition to the Member Rewards Program, I intend on helping's natural search by changing the code a bit in the site so it is more favorable for search engines to read. This way, the search engine ranking should increase slightly.

The last update I had talked about the 2008 Calendars and the merger with My World of Well - Both of which have not panned out the way I planned. While the calendars were successful in that most people like them, they have not been that successful in promoting the site and in making me some money to go towards development and promotion. The merger is most likely not going to happen at this point, but I am still associated with My World of and a solid business relationship could come out of it.

But, I do have a new development that could end up being something really special - Not only for, but for me as well. I will be appearing on ESPN Radio in the Maryland, DC and Florida areas during 2008! I am partnering with a company called Sports Journey Radio that broadcasts on ESPN radio 5 times per week. I will be going on their show as "Ari Bluestein from" every Thursday night starting January 10th and every 3rd Saturday morning starting January 19th. I will be promoting the site as well as talking about sports topics - college basketball for the most part.

So this is very exciting and I do not have to pay to be on the radio show. If anyone wants to check it out, go to this link:

Click this link then go to the first show - "The Sports Journey Radio Show with Lake Lewis." Then click the 'Listen Live' link. I will be on every Thursday night from 6:40-7 PM talking about college basketball (starting on 1/10/08). I am not sure on the Saturday times, but it would most likely be somewhere between 9-10 AM.

I will post another update this Summer! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!