Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Update on Status - More2Cell LLC

So I've been looking for wholesalers with products that I'd be interested in and I think that I've found a few. The wholesaler I originally wanted to use seems to be the one I'll be sticking with for now, but I'm concerned with the quality of the products I'll be receiving. This is because on the website, the company has generic pictures for all of their products, but after sending an email to the contact person for the wholesaler, they confirm that they have quality products and are one of the largest cell phone accessory wholesalers in the USA.

On that note, I want to possibly use foreign wholesalers/manufacturers but I want to get some inventory to work with in the interim. Although the prices seem to be cheaper for the products coming from China and Hong Kong, the shipping time is upwards of 3-4 weeks. I can't wait this long for my first order because I need to begin selling as soon as possible to start turning the profits that I was hoping to bring in when planning for this business.

I will post my success with purchasing from the wholesaler that I plan on using. By Monday I will hopefully have some money deposited into my business account and I will be purchasing about 400 pieces of cell phone accessories once that money is available. I hope to sell at least 200 of those by the end of the first month, putting me a little behind schedule for my sales but still bringing in a good amount for just starting the business.

Let's hope for the best. Ari, I hope your website is doing well. I actually was curious, did you design the site yourself or did you have someone else design it? Also, what technologies do you use for maintaining the site? I'm interested in web design so I'd appreciate your feedback.

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