Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Some good news..and bad

Since my last post a lot of good and not so good things have happened.

First the good:
- I have made almost 10 more sales (both lots and individual items) totaling about $400
- I have been emailing "clients", developing business relationships with them in hopes that I will act as their supplier on a regular basis
- I have received some more exposure on eBay by using all three methods of posting (auction, fixed-price, store inventory)
- I have a $1200 sale pending, waiting for the buyer to situate some things with his PayPal account
- I made my FIRST person-to-person contact with a sales rep. at my supplier's warehouse to sort out shipping times and drop-shipping options

Now the bad:
- I'm waiting for payment from one buyer, who I talked to on the phone. The main problem is that he has not paid and his phone is "temporarily disconnected". A bit fishy, but the unusual part is that the same buyer purchased another item from me and qualified for combined shipping. I'm thinking he is trying to "buy time" so he can sort out his financial issues.

- Another buyer, who has purchased 50 items from me and plans on purchasing another 75 or so, is having issues with his PayPal account. I have had correspondence with him, but none on the phone. I requested a phone number, but no response yet. Hopefully I'll be getting one soon.

That's all for now, but I'll keep the blog posted on the status.

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