Monday, March 19, 2007

Traffic Increases Again

Well with the help of some 'chatter' in big discussion boards and the popularity of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, traffic has increased again on In fact, one day during March right before the NCAA Tournament began, we got over 20,000 hits in one day. As of March 18th, received about a total of about 115,000 hits for the month - putting us on track for another record month, surpassing the 121,000 hits for February.

I am also currently working on acquiring a few new advertisers. It has been slow so far this quarter so I am hoping things begin to pick up.

The Nike deal I had wrote about previously has been put on hold and we can hopefully pick something back up later this year. The company I was dealing with was too busy to start a partnership with at this time, but I will certainly keep in touch with him and continue to pursue that deal.

Baseball season is almost upon us and I am excited for the promotions I am running in Wilmington, DE and Bakersfield, CA. I've started making some payments and I have delivered the t-shirts I will be using as the giveaway prizes for the contests at the baseball games.

So all is going pretty well for Traffic continues to increase steadily and hopefully advertising revenue begins to increase a bit.

Keep checking back for more updates!

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