Friday, February 8, 2008

Neil Schwartz: Grab Your Controller

Hello to everyone in the Student Venture Experience. My name is Neil Schwartz and my and I will be starting our own video game related website called Grab Your Controller. Initially we will be launching as a blog and will focus on constantly updated news, deals for a number of sites and stores that can be found in the right places if you know where to look, and reviews. Unfortunately we don't have any ties in the video game industry and will have to rely on getting games when they come out in stores. Our reviews will be slightly different as they will be broken into three parts. Intial, Mid, and Final. We are hoping to change the way video game related websites run and be a new competitive alternative to all the more popular sites. We should be fully launched by Monday the 11th. Please come and check it out. The audience we hope to get are mostly video gamers as well as people who don't know much about video games and need help to figure out what games to buy kids. Basically anyone who plays video games. On the site I will be handling posting news, reviews, and doing majority of the marketing. The other owner Dom will be handling posting news, majority of the deals, and reviews.

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